3 Signs You Need to Hire a Lawn Pest Exterminator for Your Yard

It’s hard to fathom that insects make up 80% of all species on the planet.

This means that all kinds of pests can harm your lawn. Some diligent homeowners may be able to keep the situation under control, but pests are persistent.

How can you tell when to call a lawn pest exterminator? Read on for three signs you need lawn pest extermination services.

1. Persistent Damage Despite DIY Pest Control Solutions

One of the initial signs that you may need a pest control provider is the persistence of damage to your lawn, despite your best DIY efforts. These things could be a clear indication that common lawn pests have taken residence:

  • Brown patches
  • Wilting plants
  • An unusual decline in the general health of your yard

These pests, ranging from grubs and chinch bugs to armyworms and nematodes, often go unnoticed until the damage becomes severe. While some homeowners may attempt to address the issue with over-the-counter options, these solutions might only provide temporary relief.

Professionals in St. Petersburg can identify the specific types of pests plaguing your lawn and offer targeted pest control solutions. By employing specialized treatments, they can eliminate pests at the root to prevent further damage and promote the recovery of your green space.

2. Visible Signs of Pest Infestation

Sometimes, the signs of a pest infestation are not subtle, and you may notice visible indicators of their presence. Keep an eye out for these signs that your yard may be under attack:

  • Ants marching in lines
  • Moles creating tunnels
  • Beetles congregating around your plants
  • Unusual patterns on your lawn, like irregular patches or trails of chewed foliage

Identifying the types of pests responsible for the damage is crucial for implementing effective pest control solutions. A professional pest control provider can thoroughly assess your lawn to determine the specific pests at play.

Armed with this knowledge, they can tailor a pest control plan to target the infestation directly. They’ll ensure that your lawn is free from these destructive intruders.

3. Increase in Pest Population Over Time

Pests are notorious for their rapid reproductive capabilities, and an unchecked infestation can spiral out of control fast. If you’ve observed a gradual increase in the population of pests in your yard, it’s a clear sign that immediate action is needed. Common lawn pests can multiply fast, causing extensive damage to your grass, plants, and soil.

Attempting to manage a growing pest population without professional assistance may prove challenging. Pest control providers have access to a range of pest control options, including environmentally friendly options. By hiring a professional, you not only halt the current pest invasion but also implement preventative measures to safeguard your lawn against future infestations.

These Are the Top Signs You Need a Lawn Pest Exterminator

When faced with persistent damage, visible signs of infestation, or an increasing pest population, it’s time to consider hiring a lawn pest exterminator. These professionals bring targeted pest control solutions tailored to the types of pests affecting your yard.

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