A New, Easier to Install, Holley 2 EFI Self-Tuning Conversion Kit

The Holley Sniper EFI conversion kit was revolutionary for performance car enthusiasts because it simplified the process of changing over from a carbureted system to fuel injection. That made it easier for more people to make the jump, and with the design revisions in the Holley Sniper 2, it’s easier than it ever has been before.

Plug and Play Design

The original Sniper made installation easy by integrating a lot of what was needed into a simple unit that fits in the space the carburetor used to be. The Sniper 2 takes that even further by providing modular options to fine-tune its performance capabilities, allowing drivers to get exactly the EFI performance profile they need for their current setup. Everything is designed to be interchangeable after the fact, too. That means if you skip an option like the integrated 5-inch display, you can add it when you want it.

Drop-in modifications like the Power Distribution Model provide easier options when making other upgrades at the same time, like a new ignition. On top of that, there are supporting fuel pumps, tanks, and other components designed to be compatible with the Sniper 2. That’s simpler than it ever has been, and it can make matching the right SBC fuel injection intake upgrade to your Sniper 2 an even easier task.

Easy Adjustments To Future Upgrades

The best part about the modular design and the fact that there are over 200 options for compatible parts designed to simply work with the Sniper 2 is the way it simplifies your approach to future changes. If you’re going to invest in an upgraded cam and lifter kit, you simply swap out the setup you have for the components and intake manifold that best suit your new setup. The core of the conversion kit stays in place, so you do not need to worry about a lot of time or effort going into additional retrofits.

Self-Tuning Technology and Customization

The Holley Sniper brought improved customization to the EFI conversion process, and the Sniper 2 takes it even further by giving you multiple options for screens that let you adjust settings and see data, including a Bluetooth setting. You can turn your mobile device into the screen, allowing you to make adjustments or see your numbers whenever you want.

There is even a dash mount upgrade for the handheld screens so you can handle it all from the driver’s seat. Add that to the Sniper’s already well-known ability to self-tune once installed, and you can easily see why the Sniper 2 is viewed as an upgrade worth making even by those already running a Holley Sniper system.

Find More Performance Parts

Once you have picked out the Sniper 2 modules that work best with your setup, the next step is to look at drag tires, brakes, and other upgrades that can help you make the most out of the power and acceleration this upgrade unlocks. Start browsing for ideas today so you know where to go with your next round of upgrades.

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