Cool Things You Won’t Believe Are Possible From a Smartphone

A decade ago, the concept of smartphones was still developing among companies and average consumers. Back then, the fanciest phone you might have had sported a chunky antenna and a game of Snake – exciting, right?  But the real revolution? It wasn’t just about the games we played.  The arrival of smartphones transformed our phones from simple communication tools into tiny, powerful computers capable of things that would have blown our pre-smartphone minds.

So, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into some incredible feats you can achieve with your trusty smartphone – things you might not even believe are possible!

Professional Photography

Believe it or not, people are now using their smartphones to manage their photography businesses. Even though smartphone cameras have comparatively smaller camera sensors than professional cameras. They make up for this by providing a monstrously high megapixel count and aggressive software optimization. Nowadays smartphones have cameras with up to 200-megapixel sensors.

Not only do these cameras provide detailed and vibrant pictures, but they also allow you to shoot in RAW format which provides a lot of control for people who have a dedicated business in photography.

Some of the best smartphones also provide up to 8K video resolution. This is a great solution for people just starting as otherwise, you have to buy a professional camera which will set you back by a couple of thousand dollars, to say the least.

Make Online Payments

This is something that has been gradually improving over time. In the start, smartphones were only as capable as the websites that were developed for the internet. This means that you could pay your bills or do online shopping on your smartphone based on the level of website accessibility.

Nowadays, there are applications designed by specific smartphone companies that you can use to pay even in traditional shopping scenarios:

Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be used to pay for online transactions, app store purchases on your iPhone or iPad, or physical shopping stores that have the functionality of applying pay.

Simply add your debit card details, double-tap the power button, and confirm payments. It makes physical shopping and purchases very convenient and is a time saver.

Google Pay

This is an alternative to Apple Pay for people who are using Android smartphones. Google Pay is not that common particularly if you live in the USA. But it offers the same level of functionality as Apple Pay.

Use Your Smartphone as a CCTV Camera

Remember those clunky CCTV cameras with grainy footage? Forget those!  Your smartphone, with its high-resolution camera, can actually be a powerful DIY security tool. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Download a security camera app from the app store. These apps allow remote viewing, motion detection alerts, and sometimes even night vision.
  • Scout your location and choose a strategic spot for your “camera.” Consider using a flexible tripod for better positioning and adjustability.
  • A car mount or a phone stand can provide a stable base for your phone.
  • This is crucial! Since your phone will be running 24/7, a power bank is essential. Aim for one with a high capacity to avoid frequent charging interruptions.

Bonus Tip:  If you want to be extra discrete, consider a blackout case to hide the phone’s screen while it’s recording.

Manage Your Documents Efficiently

This essentially means that the e-documents that you used to manage, edit, and create on your PC or laptop can now be managed through your smartphones. This includes all your regularly used software like creating documents on Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

One remarkable feature of managing documents efficiently on your smartphone is the ability to insert signatures directly into Excel spreadsheets. Gone are the days of printing documents just to sign them; now, with the convenience of your smartphone, you just have to search how to insert signature in Excel and you’re done! 

Get a Little Virtual Reality Trip

Ever dreamt of diving into a coral reef full of exotic fish, or scaling the peak of Mount Everest without leaving your couch? With virtual reality, these experiences and more are just a smartphone and a VR box away!

VR puts you right in the middle of a simulated world, creating an immersive experience that tricks your senses into believing you’re truly there.  There are VR boxes available nowadays which utilize smartphones to give you a great Virtual Reality experience. You can then use software that makes you interact with things and provide a jaw-dropping experience.

Firstly, you need to install the supporting application that works with your VR box. Then calibrate it by placing your phone on it and wearing the headset. After you have done all the necessary calibrations, just click on the media you want to use or a VR-supported application.

Translate Languages in Real-Time

You’re walking through a busy market in Marrakech, Morocco. You spot a stunning handcrafted rug you simply must have, but the vendor speaks only Arabic.  No sweat!  With a real-time translation app on your smartphone, the language barrier crumbles.

These innovative apps are like having a personal translator in your pocket.  Here’s how they can revolutionize your travels (and daily life!):

  • Gone are the days of frustrating charades and awkward hand gestures. Speak naturally in your own language, and the app instantly translates your voice or typed text into the desired language, and vice versa.
  • Advanced apps go beyond basic word-for-word translation.  They consider context and slang too.
  • Worried about roaming charges or limited internet access? Many translation apps offer offline functionality.
  • Some apps can even translate spoken conversations in real-time, allowing for smooth back-and-forth communication. This is perfect for ordering food, asking for directions, or simply having a friendly chat with a local.

The Verdict

Therefore, smartphones are a marvel of modern-day technology. It is the world in our palms. Moreover, things like online gaming, heart rate sensing, and QR-code scanning have all been the latest integrated features of smartphones. Some top-of-the-line smartphones come with multiple cameras that you can utilize to take pictures with depth-of-field effects.

Another great invention among smartphones is beautiful screens using OLED displays. Not only are these screens very sharp, but their viewing angles are second to none. These screens also don’t put a lot of stress on your eyes.

The future of smartphones promises even more groundbreaking advancements. Imagine foldable displays morphing to your needs, augmented reality experiences blurring the lines between reality and the digital world, or even medical diagnostics performed directly from your phone.

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