The Important Role of Conveyancing Services in the Home Buying Process

The Important Role of Conveyancing Services in the Home Buying Process

When preparing to take the colossal leap into home ownership, you’re likely at a crossroads filled with excitement and stress. You’ve scouted the perfect property, crunched the numbers, and are ready to sign on that dotted line.

But hold up-amidst the buzz, there’s one silent hero in the home-buying saga whose role is pivotal: the conveyance.

Read on to learn more about conveyancing services.

Conveyancing Unraveled: What is This Service All About?

Conveyancing might not boast the spotlight of house-hunting or the glamour of interior designing. The all-important legal process ensures property transitions from seller to buyer. 

It encompasses the preparation, execution, and verification of all the legal documents. This is from the initial offer to the final exchange of contracts.

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The Process in Practice: Walkthrough of Conveyancing Steps

Conveyancing legal services may vary depending on your location. Here’s a general breakdown of what the process usually involves:

Pre-Contractual Stage

The pre-contractual phase is when you select a conveyance. They begin the due diligence process. It includes searches to uncover any legal issues or restrictions on the property.

Drafting & Negotiations

Once the due diligence is complete, the conveyancer prepares the contract for sale and reviews it with you. This stage often involves negotiations on the final terms of the contract, including the price.

Exchange of Contracts

After both parties are satisfied and have signed the contract, you’ll ‘exchange’ with the seller. This is a significant step as it renders the sale binding with a pre-agreed deposit.

Post-Exchange Pre-Completion

The time between exchange and completion is called the pre-completion or settlement period. This is when your conveyancer deals with the final paperwork. 


On the day of completion, the outstanding sale price is paid, keys exchange hands, and you become the legal owner of the property. Your conveyancer registers the transfer of ownership with the relevant authorities.


Even after you have the keys, several steps post-completion include registering you as the new owner with the Land Registry. Your conveyancer will also handle any remaining payments, such as stamp duty and land tax.

Forging Your Shield: The Role of Conveyancers in Legal Protection

A conveyancing lawyer is your shield against potential legal pitfalls. Their key roles include:

Investigation & Research

Conveyancers conduct various property searches that uncover disputes over:

  • boundaries
  • land contamination
  • planning restrictions

This prevents you from inheriting any legal issues.

Advising & Negotiating

They inform you of potential issues and negotiate with the seller’s representative on your behalf. If required, they can also recommend a specialist solicitor.

Documentation Preparation

Conveyancers ensure all documents are prepared in legal terminology and follow relevant laws. This eliminates any potential for disputes or legal challenges in the future.

Liaison & Facilitation

Your conveyancer is also the mediator between all parties involved. You, the seller, their conveyance, and often various stakeholders such as mortgage lenders.

Financial Transfers

They handle the transfer of funds during the exchange and completion. They also calculate the final amount you must pay, including taxes and fees.

Choose the Right Conveyancing Services

When buying a home, conveyancing is the crucial link underpinning the transaction. It’s a complex and multifaceted service that involves legal, financial, and personal aspects.

This will ensure that your transition to home ownership is as smooth and secure as possible. In this role, conveyancing services are invaluable in translating legalities for your best interests.

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